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Hi, Otaku!
In our game you can test how much you Otaku. To do this, we have 6 different tests:

★ Anime Mode: In this mode, you need to guess the name of the anime. How many anime do you know?
★ Hero Mode: In this mode, you need to guess the name of the hero from the anime.
★ Quote Mode: Yes, here you need to guess some quotes of some heroes from the some anime :)
★ OP / ED Mode: Here you need to guess OP or ED from the anime. Do you like to listen OP / ED from the anime's?
★ Write Mode: In this mode, you need to write name of some objects or something else from the anime.
★ Championship: Here you can compete with other Otaku. Prove that you are the best Otaku! Collect as many points in 60 seconds.

Every day we add new items. Wait for the great new updates!

Any comments and suggestions send us mail.


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