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GuestBook is a global accommodation based Social Networking Service (SNS), which can be used easily with your accommodation and itinerary.

GuestBook allows you to share information, experience, and chat with fellow travelers with in 3KM range from your selected accommodation (guest house, hostel, hotel, airbnb, hanok, motel, resort and more). You can search for your own reserved accommodation or accommodation that you are considering to stay without any hassles. Then, you can easily find out who will be sharing a room with you or is currently staying in the room that you will be staying, thus allows you to experience totally new type of information pooling, experience sharing, and chatting.

■ Pre-Travel (before your stay): Planning your stay may give you a throbbing thrill, but with GuestBook you will be able to plan your stay Safely!
- Check out who are staying near your accommodation or in your accommodation and be acquainted to each other in advance. If your point of departure is the same by chance, you won’t be bored and may be able to share transportations.
- Plan your trip and accommodation (guest house, hostel, hotel, airbnb, hanok, motel, resort and more) with your friends or your loved ones using GuestBook. While leaving town without any plans may sound romantic, planning a safe trip with your loved ones can be a huge happiness.
- Contact, communicate and share with fellow travelers who will be staying near you or who are already staying at your destination. Ask or share with fellow users about the accommodations, surroundings, local sights, restaurants, and more. You will be able to plan a safe trip or double check whether your accommodation or your destination is safe, joyful, and entertaining.

■ During Travel (During your stay): You may experience new things everyday!
- There are no reasons to be alone or to be afraid of the surroundings because you can exactly know about your accommodation (guest house, hostel, hotel, airbnb, hanok, motel, resort and more) and your surroundings by talking to your fellow users.
- Communicate with fellow travelers near you and visit local hot places with them. By using ‘Market Map’ section in the GuestBook you won’t have to miss a single hot place, sights, events, and more.

■ Post-Travel (after your stay): Share your unforgettable experience!
- Post your accommodation (guest house, hostel, hotel, airbnb, hanok, motel, resort and more), pictures, and itinerary in ‘My Trips’ section of the GuestBook and share it with your loved ones and friends. This Guestbook will become your and yours only unforgettable one!

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