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Store. Sync. Share.The Safes Android App lets you store secrets - like PINs and passwords - on your Android mobile device, sync them to the "Safes" WebApp and even share them with selected friends, family members or co-workers!You can organize "Documents" in "Safes". Each safe is protected by a key (=password) and can hold an unlimited number of documents. Document contents can be formatted using simple Wiki syntax. The documents in a safe are always encrypted using the safe's key - so even if you lose your mobile device your data will be protected!You can share a safe - and all contained documents - with anyone who has a Google account.
Everybody you share a safe with needs to know the key to open the safe and decrypt it's contents.
Safes are automatically synchronized between devices.The data is stored in an encrypted format on your device. A safe's key is NEVER stored! It is only used to decrypt documents."Safes" uses AES encryption and is built to keep your secrets secret. An online connection is required to sync with the Safes WebApp which you can use for free at Even the WebApp uses client side encryption!Your data is directly linked to the main Google account you set up your phone with. Use this account to also log in to the WebApp. Safes also automatically restores all your data from the server when you buy a new phone!!! You need to enable syncing for Safes for your phone's main account !!=> Safes is the mobile cloud solution to store and even share secrets! Find out more on http://a8safes.appspot.comApp2SD is enabled and default!PLEASE report your device model and any feature requests or bugs to Password Keeper, Secret Vault, Wallet, PIN Codes, Store Passwords, Shared Secrets, Safe, Strong Room, Groupware, Protect, Confidential, Private, Wiki, Offline

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Mise À Jour : 2017-02-11
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Version Actuelle : 1.8.0
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