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Description :

Grok is a real time data analysis tool built on cutting edge machine learning technology. Grok offers intelligent monitoring of Metric Data collected via AWS Cloudwatch or Custom Metrics, resulting in superior insights into the health of critical IT systems so you can stay ahead of problems. Unlike other tools that rely on static thresholds or simple statistics, Grok learns complex patterns in your IT environment, and then identifies unusual behavior in those systems. As software, topology, and usage patterns change, Grok continuously learns, eliminating the need for frequent resetting of thresholds.
Highlights of capabilities include --
• Monitoring for the following Amazon Web Services (AWS) products, based on metric data collected via CloudWatch:
o DynamoDB
o EC2
o OpsWork
o AWS AutoScaling Groups
• Support for Grok Autostacks
• Monitoring for Custom Metrics
• One way integration of Grok with DataDog via the Grok CLI
• Automatic Instance Selection functionality
• Data visualization of Grok's calculated "anomaly likelihood" for monitored instances and metrics on three time-view Tabs: Hour, Day or Week, each sorted by name or degree of anomaly

Informations :

Mise À Jour : 2017-05-10
Développeur : Numenta
Version Actuelle : 1.6.0
La Taille : 845.9K
Avis : 8.4
Installations : 34466 Installations
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