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Description :

This game is mainly ,aiming a paper ball and dumping it to the bin in the direction of the table fan provided, It requires a little focus while throwing the ball in to the bin. It consists of three levels i.e. Easy Medium and Hard with three different ambiences varying level to level.

★ The easy level, has an ambience of a work place where you have to toss a paper ball in to the bin in such a manner so that the speed of the fan should not divert the paper ball going in to the bin and also the distance between the bin and the paper ball placed on a table is close, which is easy to dump and score high. The many times you dump the paper ball in to the bin, the many time you score and the highest score is recorded under each level of the game.

★ The medium level, the ambience is of living area of a home , there you have to toss the paper ball from little far from the bin unlike the easy level, the speed of the fan will be high comparatively to the easy level, If you are doing excellent in the easy level, this medium level is to check your patience level and expertise of dumping paper ball in to the bin maximum number of time.

★ The hard level, distance between the paper ball and the bin is very far and table fan distraction is always there, here you have to show your real expertise and manage to dump the paper ball in to the bin from so far.
This is really a total ultimate entertainment and distraction of your mind from any kind of work you are tired or bored of, It is an instant distraction and fun game.

Play our game "TimePass " which amuse you to the fullest and motivates you to rank high and high .

Informations :

Mise À Jour : 2017-05-08
Développeur : Potenza Global Solutions
Version Actuelle : 1.0.1
La Taille : 17.0M
Avis : 9
Installations : 31715 Installations
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