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One Day, The gate of hell was opened. Monsters and devils wantonly appear and the whole world into chaos. Players have to fight with other players and variety of monsters in every classical battlefield of China to become the only candidate against the devil, the only hope for mankind. Let’s play The War of Demons….. Game Features

--- cucugame 2015 World premiere ---
The new Chinese mythology, a fantasy online collectible card game! Find your friends, organize your team, catch the demons and conquer the devil. You are the chosen one. Come to fight!

★★《The War of Demons》Game Features★★
※Every battle , every minute make yourself stronger than other players!
※Recruiting Chinese ancient gods and demons be your partners, accompany you!
※Use Chinese mysterious fairy, magic, and the most powerful ancient weapon!
※Collect variety of gods in your hand, use your own tactics to get victory!
※Dizziness!! Parry!! Dodge!! Crit!! Hundreds of skill effect!!
※Different formations different bonus!! Organize your contingent!!
※Real dialogue, you never alone!


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