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Description :

Game of Orcs Thrones is a strategy game where you have to overthrow the orc empire by making yours all their thrones. In this game you have to think carefully the moves you do and do it quickly because time is not infinite. The game features multiplayer strategy.

How to play the strategy Game of Orcs Thrones:

We have a board, on which we need to protect our towers, for this we have 3 types of chips, which will cost energy that you can collect by getting the drops of energy, allowing you to put more chips:
- Shield: This unit has more life than any, while having no attack it can help defend the towers or other tabs while you're attacking, it costs 5 Energy.
- Archer: a unit with long-range attack, it has less life than Shield, but their arrows reach anyone who gets in his way.
- Swordsman: This unit will always come from the position of one of your towers, but careful because they are devastating, if they manage to reach the enemy tower they quickly destroy it.

You can place chips from half board to your towers (in your half of the board). Only swordsmen are trained to cross enemy territory in Game of Orcs Thrones.

To win the game you'll have to kill 5 enemy towers before the time runs out. For now orcs thrones game contains 4 missions, but will be expanded soon.

It also has a multiplayer version where you can play against your friends and prove who is the best. In this version you only need to win more towers down than your opponent before the time runs out.

It is a multiplayer strategic game with a scoreboard of victories so you can compare yourself to your opponents.

If you were looking for a multiplayer strategy game you have it here! Do not forget to support us with valuations and to further improve the this game that is still in beta.

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