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Description :

Star Tower Wars Commander is a game for you to begin your star journey to master your wars fighting skill and strategy to become the greatest commander.

In the billions of billions star, make your decision and choose the force to continue to launch the wars against all of your opposition commander. Where does your allegiance lie? Which side will you chose. Will you side with the Empire or the Rebellion?

Your real time star tactical knowledge, decision making and wars commanding skill will be pushed to the maximum limit as you embark on the journey of the space commander to fight and defend the galaxy far away from where you are in this blood boiling exciting galactic tower defense game, Star Tower Wars Commander

Be creative and outstanding while coordinating your whole army and defending forces. Fully utilize all the star location as your wars source and tactics to destroy the galactic waves of attacks from your enemy to defense your protecting galaxy as you have to fight both the light and dark force. Make the perfect moves and placement, as every execution of your moves are do or die decision.

Star Tower Wars Commander Features:
• Make your choice to fight for the Rebellion or the Empire
• Train your star travelling and flying skills to lead your eagle force to claim the victories in every battle.
• Build up your own and unique star tactic defend against your enemy forces when the wars launch, and recruit all the galactic forces as your last defense.
• Complete every missions and gain all the fighting and defense experience you need throughout every wars.
• Create and lead your own troops to be ready for any wars.
• Level up your skills, teams, troops, battleship, and many more.
• Battle on the different dimensions and platforms in the whole universe of Star Tower Wars Commander.
• Build your defend stronger to withstand the attack from enemies and gain additional rewards.
• Travel through all the galaxies in the universe and team up greater forces never before to help you keep the universe in peace and balance.
• More than 5 levels of star battle fields and experience the mix of wars element across all different galaxy and dimensions.

Do you have what all it takes to defend the galaxy? Are you ready? Take the responsibility to maintain the forces in balance for the whole universe? Download Star Tower Wars Commander and play it for FREE today!!! No in app purchase required!

Choose your side and fight for your inner force. May the force always be with you.

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