Gulf War: Desert Battle Apk Crack Gratuit Télécharger Android

Description :

In a desert far away there are two army bases. Only a spark is needed to start an epic battle between them.

Drive your tank (actually it is a tank on wheels) slowly and silently to approach their base and destroy as many enemies as you can. Don’t forget to defend your home base!

Defend your base with powerful cannon and by spawning your own helping units (helicopters). Give each of them special mission and as an army, march to the enemy's base and destroy it.

On the way to the base you need to destroy enemy's helicopters and humvees.
With the right choice of a cannon for your tank you can become the best player of this game!

Game is free so download it and have fun!

Main Goals:
- destroy as many helicopters and humvees as you can
- destroy enemy base
- defend home base
- spawn helicopters, make an army and set their mission
- start a war
- repair your vehicle
- choose the most effective gun for your tank

Additional info:

CANNONS - guns
You can set up to 3 different cannons
Each of them has different shooting speed and power
When you reach 500 points, the third cannon is unlocked

You can spawn up to 9 home units (helicopters "Apache").
For each of them you set their attacking goal. Choose between
enemy helicopters, humvees or enemy's base

when you are located in your home base, you can repair your tank or spawn an army.
When helipad is destroyed, you can't spawn helicopters any more, so it is one of the most important object and you need to defend it!

Game is over when your home base or your tank is destroyed completely.

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