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Description :

RJD Games of New Zealand is proud to present Quik Soccer for Android!

Select one of four international teams, Argentina, Brazil, Germany and of course the mighty New Zealand (sorry we had to!!).

Compete against challenging AI opponents, have fun and remember, its not the taking part, its the winning that counts!



Pressing "Pass" will make your player pass to the nearest player in the general direction you are facing.

Pressing "Shoot" when you have the ball will make your player take a power shot at goal. The shot will always go in the direction you are facing so remember to ensure you facing the goal before unleashing your awesome skills on the poor goalkeeper!!!

Goalkicks and the goalkeeper throwing the ball out happen automatically.

Press pass to take a corner or a throw in


When defending you can steal the ball by running close enough to your opponent (they can do the same to you!) or press "Tackle" to perform a slide. If you miss there will be a slight delay before you can get back to your feet and try again so only use it as a last resort!!!

What are you waiting for - go and have fun!

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Mise À Jour : 2017-05-08
Développeur : RJD Games
Version Actuelle : 1.7
La Taille : 24.2M
Avis : 8.7
Installations : 35879 Installations
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