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8000+ unique and original emoji, stickers, and smileys for you, and to create new emoji by yourself.Show up this free emojis or smileys on your favorite chat (WhatsApp, Telegram, Line, SMS, Twitter or even Facebook or Instagram).
-- Best collection of emoji, stickers, and smileys available anywhere.
-- Create your own photo-icons and use them as emoji. You can't do that with an emoji keyboard!
-- Shared emoji, stickers and smiley messages.This app have emotion: "Puppy","Good Girl","Ugly Boy","Baby","Egg","StrawBerry","Kitty","Square Man","Mule","Donkey","Raccoon","Crocodile","Nightcap Doll","Fat Cat","Matchstick Man","Kissing Man","Silly Man","Cute Square","Little Chicken","JonJon","Ke Ke","Crying","Mustache Man","Foolish Rabbit","Yellow Rabbit","Leopard Cat","Yellow Puppy","Black Cat","Cute Animal","Kitty Kitty","Mina","Explosive head","MouMou","Feeding-bottle Boy","Little Girl","Artillery Boy","Artillery World Cup","Piggy","Cartoon Rabbit","Lovers","Cheese Cat","Dragon Cupid","Circle Face","Youth","TUZKI","Rabbit","Beans","Monkey King","Silly Boy","Sunny Boy","Strawberry Girl","Little Tiger","Fatty Fox","Little Bee","Baby","Panda","Good Girl","Me And You","Triangle Panda","Baby Girl","Onion Boy","Sheep","Monkey","Handsome Rabbit","Square Boy","Emotion","Human Face","Actions","Animal","Weather","Festival&Living","Eating","Travel","Sign","Family&Love","Activity","Chicken","Baby".

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Mise À Jour : 2017-05-11
Développeur : BenjaminFieldhh5
Version Actuelle : 1.0
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Avis : 6.4
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