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"In GT Drag Extreme Simulation, the star of the show is the player. Drive around an entire open city, performing illegal stunts and drive at crazy fast speeds without worrying about bumping into traffic or getting chased by police cars. The advanced physics engine lets you experience realism on a whole new level, with every turn, brake, skid, and crash simulated perfectly. Every sound effect matches every action, from switching gears to tire skidding to head-on collisions. Driving, drifting, and racing has never felt so real. Explore the stunningly detailed city, filled with obstacles to clear and stunts to perform. Drive lots of awesome sports cars from the best periods in the automobile history. Be an extreme rider and watch your speedometer climb up to the redzone with N2O and watch it burn out with the blur of the city disappearing behind you. There's no traffic jams, no cops. Just you, the big city, and your awesome Tokyo drifts. There's no limit to what you can achieve. Drive up ramps and watch your car launch into the air. Just be careful not to crash hard into anything, because even if the physics engine simulates crash damage so realistically, no one likes a newly polished car smashed in. There's nothing like the ultimate challenge of fully exploring this gigantic city to completion. Play with the game's many mini-games, like the ever-popular Drag Racing, and a checkpoint mode where you have to follow the marked checkpoints through ramp jumps and other obstacles to get to the finish line. If you want, you can toggle traffic in the settings so you can drive alongside other vehicles and simulate realism. The game features a full-featured HUD, complete with car controls, revs, gear, accelerator and brake pedals, and even a record button to record all of your insane stunts. Control your car either by accelerometer, touchscreen, or on-screen steering wheel, each settable in the settings menu. There's also an interchangeable camera view, enabling you to look at your car from several different angles: Either from behind with a chase cam, or choose the more immersive cockpit view, so you can see all of the action firsthand from the driver's seat. Experience lighning-fast performance just as fast as the game's cars with better optimization, ensuring that you don't experience any lag whatsoever. GT Drag Extreme Simulation lives up to its name as a realistic simulation by featuring Anti-lock Braking System, Electronic Stability Program, and Tractor Control simulation features, which, of course, can also be turned off at will. The entire game is set in astonishing High Definition, with hand-placed buildings, objects, and clutter to simulate perfect realism. Live life in the fast lane with GT Drag Extreme Simulation. Real city drag racing doesn't get any more real than this"

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Mise À Jour : 2017-05-08
Développeur : Flutx
Version Actuelle : 3.0
La Taille : 33.3M
Avis : 6.1
Installations : 30361 Installations
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