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Description :

Get ready for a boat driving and parking game where you are stuck in the middle of the Arctic Ocean, and your ship is surrounded by huge sheets of ice & big whales!!

If you are a fan of driving and parking games, then you will absolutely love this icebreaker game!

In this fun new game, you have to navigate one of three different ships -- Arctic expedition boat, and a huge icebreaker ship, and even a top secret Navy submarine! As you navigate these dangerous icy waters, you have to avoid large blue whales that are swimming around, and also a variety of large ice bergs, old ships, and more!

It doesn't stop there! If you can't find a clear path to your destination, you can break through the ice like a classic ice breaker boat! However, be careful because if you are breaking through too much ice, your boat will get damaged, so you need to find the clearest path before you attempt to break through the ice.

Most of the parking games available only have you do one thing... park your boat or vehicle. This game is different. You have to avoid whales swimming in your path, break through large sheets of ice, and avoid a variety of huge obstacles. Translation.... this latest driving simulator will keep you entertained for hours!!


- All ships unlocked! (arctic explorer, icebreaker, & Navy sub)
- Multiple camera views.
- Multiple steering options.
- Live blue whales you have to avoid!
- Break through the ice!!
- 10 challenging levels to complete.


- Follow the two large markers with yellow lights beaming into the sky.
- Break through the ice if there is no clear path. (Be careful, you need to monitor your ship damage!)
- Find the parking spot and park your boat!

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