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Sharpen your thinking skills with this unique puzzle game that requires a sharp, skillful mind full of imagination! Masterly stack, color and rotate shapes in order to match your goal before you run out of moves.A unique puzzle game that requires a sharp, skillful mind full of imagination. Throughout this addicting game, players of all ages work to stack, color and rotate various shapes to match the goal before running out of moves. Think Shapes integrates learning, concentration and fun all in one app. The game was not just created for the young minds out there, Think Shapes was designed to help "shape" grown-ups' minds as well. Think Shapes, as the name strongly suggests, is all about shapes. To be more precise, it’s about layers and patterns using shapes. Your job, as a player, is to swiftly match the goal puzzle using the least number of moves as possible. A goal puzzle consists of several layers.
If you’ve ever made snowflakes by folding paper sheet in various patterns, the shapes look very much like that. Now, picture those different shapes stacked on top of each other, with each one having a different color. Your job is to determine the order in which they are stacked, the color that is assigned to each one, and replicate that pattern on your own canvas. Sounds easy, doesn’t it? It is at first, but once you start working your way up to more complicated patterns with rotation, it can get very challenging. That’s really all there is to it.Think Shapes is so addictive and stimulating that you won't want to put it down. As you master each level the challenge increases keeping you hooked.Playing this game is a great way to increase your spatial sense and decrease your brain age while having fun.Think Shapes was designed to enhance spatial relations and help sharpen cognitive abilities."Our team wanted to create an innovative game that was fun for all ages, not just kids, we believe that basic shapes combined together can generate creative puzzles that are far from basic shapes!" Family is so important to us, so our main goal was to come up with a game that would help encourage families to get together and play."Think Shapes is the first of its kind puzzle game featuring over 270 challenging levels that keep players on their toes at all times. A unique combination of sharp thinking skills and extreme concentration are necessary for players to achieve the goal and advance to the next level. With beautiful bright colors and a radiant design, Think Shapes is extremely easy to learn yet difficult to master. Players have the ability to log in through Facebook in order to invite and challenge friends and family. There is no age limit for Think Shapes, this game is unlimited fun created for players of all ages, even grown-ups.Game Features:
• First of its kind puzzle game
• Over 270 exciting and challenging levels
• Totally FREE, no in-app purchase, no incentive ads
• Suitable for children and grown ups
• Beautiful and vivid design with 14 basic shapes
• Invite and challenge your friends on Facebook
• Easy to learn, difficult to master
• In game help and guides
• Enhance your brain and spatial thinking sense and skills while having fun
• Explore and build exciting shapes like fire shapes, arrows, circles in circle, cog, flower cutout, hazard, pinwheel, teardrop star, flower hexagon, flower, propellor, rounded hexagon, and even a skinny flower!
• Guided tutorial that shows you how to play and make you ready to think shapes!
• Rotate a shape, move it back or forward and change its colors or delete it to create different geometry in your goalTestimonials:
Walter Monteith: "Really Awesome. Gonna learn a lot from here."
Jan Crawley: "I Luv It!!! Cool way to Pass Time Such Fun and So Challenging..."****
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