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Description :

There is a field - 6x6 cells. Each field can be empty or contain a colored brick with arrow on it.
Сlick on the brick to move it accordingly to it\'s arrow direction. Groups of two or more bricks having the same color dissapear, but each turn some new bricks come to the field. Destroy bricks to earn points. The goal is to earn as much points as you can. The game ends when there are no empty cells left on the field so it\'s impossible to place incoming bricks on it.

version 1.2
add support Openfeint
add global score system

Informations :

Mise À Jour : 2017-05-08
Développeur : Trantor
Version Actuelle : 1.3.0
La Taille : 884.2K
Avis : 7
Installations : 25992 Installations
Lien Google Play: Lien

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