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Description :

Video Alarm Clock - Video Waker. For the first time in history, we are launching a dedicated video alarm clock, an Android App, which enables you to watch your stored video when an alarm is invoked. With new technology, new era and new evolution, we are ready to provide a well tested Alarm with very new idea to set and play video as an alarm.

Video Waker - A Video Alarm different from others
A Day starts in the morning, with the ringing sound of your mobile Alarm, which strikes your eardrum to wake you up and with your half eyes opened, viewing the same old static Alarm screen, you are now ready to move your fingers to end up the alarm sound by either touching the snooze button or by dismissing the alarm. What if this same old Alarm screen is replaced with a new Dynamic Video Screen which enables you to visualize dream, your day or some one special in the morning, well don't worry Video Waker featured this idea.

Features of Video Waker Alarm - Video Alarm
★ Set can set any video as an alarm
★ Set any audio as an alarm ringtone
★ Set both audio file and video file to run simultaneously as an alarm
★ Adjust the video screen mode : Either Auto, Landscape and Portrait
★ Set snooze time, either 2 minute, 5 minute or 10 minute
★ Set multiple Alarms
★ Set alarm to repeat weekly
★ Adjust Sound of Video or Audio
★ Turn on or off vibration
★ See the notification of remaining time for an alarm to start
★ Optimized for all known screen resolutions
★ Intuitive app settings – get an easy access to all options you need

Note: This is Free or trial version of Video Waker, where you are limited to play video upto 45 seconds length. To remove this limitation and get an ad free application, you need to purchase a premium Video Waker app from here: Video Waker Alarm - Premium Version

Why to use Video Waker Alarm:
1.) Start your day with Motivation, by playing motivated video.
2.) See your Lucky charm in front of you in morning, by setting his or her customized video.
3.) Train Your Mind To Remember God in your busy schedule, by playing some melodious music with God graphics.
4.) Missing someone, See them in video as alarm.
5.) Follow your Real life ideal daily by watching their motivational video.
6.) Never get up late
7.) This Alarm is to Schedule your life, not only to wake you up.

Increase productivity of your life with Video Waker, a video alarm for all people.

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