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*** OVER 25,000 users across the world using Magic ViewFinder apps to visualize their NEXT SHOT ***
>> Hot! << The support for LUTs ('look up tables', or color profiles) was added. See color effects in live preview!

• Are you looking for an angle and view in your next shoot?
• Are you creating your next storyboard?
• Are you scouting for a shoot location?
• Do you want to see your next shot framing without your camera in the hands?

This app will give you a full technical preview of the shot, right where you stand with your phone/tablet, with any camera or lens that you want.

PLEASE READ: this app does not turn your smartphone into an external monitor.

The app works like a Director's viewfinder -- it helps you see the exact framing of your future shot. Just scroll the wheel to select the focal length of the lens and choose the camera from the menu.

Supported cameras:
- Full Frame:
- Canon 1D C, 5D Mark I / II / III, 5DS, 5DS R, 6D -- photo mode (3:2) and video mode (16:9)

- APS-C cropped sensor Canon:
- Rebel / 7D I / II, 80D, 760D etc -- photo mode (3:2) and video mode (16:9)

- Canon EOS C100, C300, C500
- Canon XA10, XF100

You may also simulate using tele adapters or anamorphic optics on your camera. As an option you may change the aspect ratio of the frame guide overlaying your image.

If you want, you may save the preview for future reference. When ready to capture, you may lock exposure and turn on and off the auto focus to better control the captured picture.

There is a constant middle-speed center-based auto focus engaged to keep your images focused.

Depth-Of-Field tool: If you want to check depth-of-field, press DOF icon and calculate the near and far limits of DOF while changing the aperture and the focus distance.

Ad policy: I specifically turned off video ads and full-screen ads so that the users have non-disruptive experience. However, the banner ads help me continue the development of the app. You may turn ads off by subscribing to Premium Feature set.

To turn off adverts, increase the scope of supported cameras to Blackmagic, ARRI Alexa, Red cameras, as well to Sony, Lumix, Nikon and 4/3 formats, to use all available optical adapters, frame guides and anamorphic indexes, please purchase advanced Magic Universal ViewFinder app.

Please keep in mind that this app will perform best on the devices oriented for HD or Full HD display. On older and smaller devices this program may perform awkwardly.

Specifically, Calibration is recommended for a precise operation of the app. You can start Calibration process from the menu, the instructions are on the web site.

Please read the description and manual at:

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