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Description :

Should you lose your phone ( heaven forbid), someone could unlock your phone via repeated, limitless attempts to get past your screen lock and get access to your personal data and identify.

WipeProtect can protect your privacy and wipe the data on your device, in order to prevent the data on your device from falling into the wrong hands.

Remote recovery and erase mechanisms:
* need you to realize that your device has been lost or stolen
* need network connectivity which can be disabled via various means such as removal of the SIMM card.

WipeProtect provides protection around your device, even during the time that you have not yet realized that your device is lost or stolen.

Using WipeProtect, you can limit the number of allowed attempts to screen unlock your device. After that limit is exceeded, WipeProtect will trigger a factory reset and wipe your data clean.

The first time you run this app, you will see a User interface from the Android OS- Device Administration Settings which will prompt you regarding Activating this app and allowing it to monitor your screen unlock attempts and also Erase the data . This is a one time step.

Be aware that should you fail to successfully screen unlock your own device within the limit of allowed attempts that you have set, the factory reset will trigger just as if a third party was attempting to screen unlock your device. This can inconvenience you or worse depending on the circumstances. Placing a slightly higher limit can avoid factory resets due to your own incidental failed screen unlock attempts.

( No continuously running components for sure )

Permissions needed: Boot Completion. Purpose: to issue screen lock on boot, just in case particular models do not exhibit this behavior.

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