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A love letter to passengers using the subway inspire love and hope jugoja first deployment began in 1985. Currently, subway and railway stations across the country each have framed the contents are being replaced twice a month. A love letter to squeeze in a little while waiting for the subway out to read a short article, but the inside story of hope and love and courage that is filled with.

So far, more than 20 years, invariably gave hope to many people on the subway a love letter to the subway station there are a lot of people love the ground As more and more places will try to give hope. Currently letters of love, as well as the Seoul Subway Line 1 to 4 of urban rail line 5-8 can be seen in most of the subway station, subway and railway stations in six major cities nationwide, even love, that excitement attached to the forefront of national can.

The church is sending a love letter writers, poets, journalists, writers, famous people in various areas such as personnel gyogye warm nostalgic writings load up with a beautiful picture conveys a lot of joy.

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Love letters, best love letters, love letters gone, you hear a love letter, writing love letters with, sonbongho columns, poems and songs ohsukjaui, Won the current thinking of the lives and souls of jobonghui the shelter, with concentric jeongdu Lee opening the world, the subway and train travel, recommended! Including Japanese culture, stories, photo essays

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Update May 2012 becomes
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