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Description :

Best game for baby, new born. In this playful game you’ll get:
• Eight colorful animated ducks – launch this baby game and you see
• Eight duck sounds – tap on duck and you can hear, all duck sounds
• Rattle calming sound – in game background always playing rattle sound
• Babies’ game has blue water background;
• In this game you’ll find a lot of colors which babies like
• Simplicity to use, there are no necessary buttons or functions just shake phone or tap on duck.10 Fact about baby game rattle duck:
1. For Century’s rattles have been one of the first toys that babies played with. Babies really do like rattles and these baby games are useful for baby’s development.
2. Babies like sounds they are hear and, with their eyes, try to follow the path of the rattle as it is shaken back and forth.
3. Rattles certainly are a sensory treat for children – they help children to improve hand eye coordination, thus developing finely improvement of the senses of babies.
4. Rattle baby game encourage babies to explore more: babies feel like discovering something as they trying to grab and hold the rattle. Children love to explore and rattles is just the perfect opportunity to do so.
5. Usually these baby games have pieces that move, e.g. smiling faces, some of them might be soft, colorful and cuddly.
6. Free Duck Baby Rattle app is a good example of such modern baby games, babies are attracted to. It will definitely attract attention of children of different ages: from toddlers to preschool aged kids. Imagine warm summer day by the small lake or by the pond in park with many cute little ducks swimming in it. Hear funny sounds these ducks make. Your kids would be really excited with this view and duck noise.
7. Different sounds and colors of the ducks also may be helpful in learning color names or describe different sounds. Catching and pressing the ducks on the screen is helpful in sensorial functions development and improvement. And let’s not forget about the joy discovering the world around it brings to the babies.
8. Another reason why rattles are good for babies is that they encourage babies to explore more. Babies have a sense of discovering something as they try to grab and hold the rattle. Babies love to explore and rattles provide just the perfect opportunity to do so.
9. Probably every parent has a number of kids’ game applications in this computer or phone. Rattles also became modern version of their wooden, plastic or fabric predecessors. It equipped with colorful buttons, shapes, balloons, animals or other objects and spread jingling, bell type or even various animal sounds.
10. Children are very curious about everything that is new, so such games are very popular among children of all ages. It is like modern babysitter – capturing the attention, helping in improving senses for the smallest ones and providing educational game or toy for the bigger ones.

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