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Description :

It is an application that can be measured guitar technique.
It is an application that can measure the speed to play the guitar.
Good of the guitar, you can measure the poor.
You can contribute to the improvement of the guitar playing.


By the guitar fret instead, it becomes a game to compete to play fast guitar.
Anytime, anywhere, you can Hayabiki training of guitar.
The people not to play the guitar also allows you to experience the playing speed.
Practice you can to keep the fret at the guitar-like game.
I can also be used in front of the warm-up practice guitar.
Also I can be used as a practice application of air guitar.
While enjoying the game you will be able to wear the ad lib solo free.

How to play

■ rules
1 from the bottom of the rightmost column in order, and index finger,
I will match middle finger, ring finger, the little finger.
2 3,2,1 after cue, game start to you.
3 At the same time, tap the right-most column of the red button to you.
4 If you can simultaneously tap, the next stage I will move to.
5 The contents of the fifth-order stage the center of the column,
The contents of the next next stage in the left column
Once you are accustomed to will be displayed,
Further faster and be aware of the next game content
You will be able to tap.
6 Time and score it took in 6 games Will.
7 A short period of time other by 7 as soon as possible answer
Please competing with players.

■ game screen display
■ game screen display
· Total score
Remaining game score when you clear will be added.

· Game count
Surface will proceed Clearing.

· Game Score
Time spent in the game will be displayed as a score.

■ game level of
· Easy
Position to keep is the single tone of the game.
Number of games will be 30 games.

· Normal
Position to keep will be more than one game.
Number of games will be 30 games.

· Hard
Position to keep will be more than one game.
Number of games will be 50 games.

Measure your ear for music. And practice.

Informations :

Mise À Jour : 2017-02-10
Développeur : Lean Art Cast
Version Actuelle : 3.2.3
La Taille : 12.3M
Avis : 6.1
Installations : 24433 Installations
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