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Description :

Thunder sounds which help you relax and sleep better. Different rain sounds (character sounds) help both you and your children go to sleep faster. Our character music application has following wind sounds:

Thunderstorm sounds

Under tree in rain

Walking under rain


Thunder storm sounds

Rain on the top

Rain drops sounds


- character sounds assist you to sleep

- timer for the best sleeping

- lullaby for the babies

- water sounds and thunderstorm sounds

- volume charge of thunder sounds and wind sounds

- background play mode

- beautiful character wallpaper

- character sounds ring tones and sms

- character sounds sensors

- bird calls and animal sounds

People use character sounds relaxation techniques for an additional reasons, amongst others:

- Defense mechanisms support (sounds of brook, creek, stream let, river, whitened noise)

- Insomnia therapy(all water sounds, rain sounds, sleep sounds, sounds of blackness)

- Discomfort management (all wild birds tunes, all water sounds)

- Stress management (sounds of storm, lightning, thunder, rain sounds, whitened noise lite)

A thunderstorm, also called an electric storm, a lightning storm, thundershower or perhaps storm, is a kind of turbulent weather indicated by the existence of lightning and it is acoustic impact on our planet's atmosphere referred to as thunder. The meteorologically designated cloud type connected using the thunderstorm may be the cumulonimbus. Thunderstorms are often supported by strong winds, heavy rain and often snow, sleet, hail, or no precipitation whatsoever. Individuals that create hail to fall are known as hailstorms. Thunderstorms may fall into line inside a series or rainband, referred to as a squall line. Strong or severe thunderstorms may rotate, referred to as supercells. Some thunderstorms move using the mean breeze with the layer from the troposphere they occupy, vertical wind shear leads to a deviation within their course in a right position towards the wind shear direction.

Rain is liquid water by means of tiny droplets which have condensed from atmospheric water vapor after which precipitated-that's, become heavy enough to come under gravity. Rain is really a major element of water cycle and accounts for adding the majority of the freshwater on earth. It offers appropriate conditions for various kinds of ecosystem, in addition to water for hydroelectric energy plants and crop irrigation.

Sleep is really a naturally recurring condition indicated by reduced or absent awareness, relatively suspended physical activity, and lack of exercise of almost all voluntary muscles. It's distinguished from quiet wakefulness with a decreased capability to respond to stimuli, and it is easier reversible than finding yourself in hibernation or perhaps a coma. Sleep is really a increased anabolic condition, emphasizing the development and rejuvenation from the immune, nervous, skeletal and muscular systems. It's observed in most animals, all wild birds, and lots of reptiles, amphibians, and seafood.

Meditation is really a practice by which a person trains your brain or induces a mode of awareness, with the idea to realize some benefit or being an finish by itself.

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