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Description :

If you have any problems with this application, or would like to make a suggestion, please contact Energetix before evaluating this application under info@energetix.tv. We are grateful for any criticism.temEX, the Magnet Finder, presents a graphical display when a mobile phone using the Android operating system is able to detect a magnetic flow. Launch the program with the start button and read and follow the safety instructions. Now hold your mobile phone on the side of the body opposite the side on which you are wearing your ENERGETIX magnetic jewellery. Please make sure that the mobile phone is not placed directly on the magnetic jewellery but that the jewellery is covered by part of the body (e.g. your hand). You may also remove the jewellery and hold it enclosed in your hand.
The large ENERGETIX frog will be discreetly shown on the display during "scanning". The intensity of its colour will change when temEx finds a magnetic flow: it will turn an intensive red when a strong magnetic flow is detected.Please note: the magnetic flow depends on the strength and size of the magnet. It is possible that no flow will be indicated for articles with smaller magnets even if a magnetic flow does actually exist.Please carefully read the instructions about the correct use of the app before using it! Detailed information may be found in the app's help function and in the distributors' section on ENERGETIX's Web site.

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Mise À Jour : 2017-05-09
Développeur : Energetix GmbH & Co. Kg
Version Actuelle : 1.2
La Taille : 3.5M
Avis : 10
Installations : 23614 Installations
Lien Google Play: Lien

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