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Relationships have their ups and downs -- now you can find out what to expect from the love of your life based on astrology using Couples Horoscope by Moonit, sent right to your phone!

Simply sign up via Facebook with 1-click ease -- No need to waste time creating an account or seeing annoying ads. Best of all, it's 100% free!

Browse and add your significant other right inside the app to start getting horoscopes with him or her -- Couples Horoscope can pull their relevant info directly from Facebook.

If your significant other is not on Facebook, no problem! Just add him or her manually using the form fields.

Moonit's astrological algorithm uses your birthdays -- including the birth month, day and year -- as inputs to perform a Transit Analysis, tracking the ongoing movements of the planets and their effect on your relationships.

Get alerted when your romantic dynamics change, then log in to read your updated horoscope with your "better half" each day.

If any of your daily horoscopes happen to be spot on, feel free to share them with your significant other or friends by email, text, Facebook or Twitter -- right from inside the app.

"LOVE METER" BONUS: Moonit categorizes your horoscope readings according to ten different buckets -- like "Sizzling," "Easy Breezy" and "Cold Front" -- so you can see when to get close and when to give each other some space.


■ You're taking your relationship to the next level.

■ You're having some relationship drama.

■ You’re starting to date someone new. 

■ You’re looking to spice up your relationship. 

■ You need some guidance in your relationship.


"Do you guys plan to come up for air any time soon? It's pretty cool to be with someone who…"

"It would take a crowbar to pry you two apart these days. Since you're on the same page…"

"Are you two on solid footing? If not, these days can really put your relationship to the test because…"

Brought to you by Moonit. Better Relationships Through Astrology.

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