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How to Work Out with an Exercise Ball?. Using a stability ball or a bosu ball can really amp up your workout. Let certified personal instructor rachel shasha show you every the better rehearsals you can do with one in these videos.
in order to do ab crunches on a stability ball what you would do is you would lie back on the ball, making positive that your back is pressed into the ball. So you don't want any space in the middle of the ball and your back. Your going to reach your hand behind your head, roll back and exercise ball then your true going to do a little lift up. So in order to do this crunch correctly you don't must to come up too high, you're not performance a full sit up because then it elects away from some of the ab workout. So what you need to do is you must to true go back and come rigorous a tiny crunch out with an exercise ball and possibly pause up here, hold it up here. Keeping your neck away from your chin, you want to pretend like you have an apple exercise ball in the middle of your chin and your chest. And then keeping your elbows kick off. You faithful breathe work out with an exercise ball on the way up and in on the way down. And then breathe on the way up and on the way down and that's how you would do ab crunches on the ball.

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