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Description :

Mobile.UniCredit is a mobile application of UniCredit Bank Russia.

Mobile.UniCredit is a mobile banking application that allows you to easily manage your finances, get information about the nearest UniCredit Bank ATMs, branches and outlets providing discounts for UniCredit Bank cardholders.

Basic features:

- ATM locator (displaying address, supported currencies and cash-in availability);
- branch locator (displaying address, banking hours and operations available);
- discount locator (display of addresses of the nearest partner outlets providing discounts on goods and services when paying with UniCredit Bank cards);
- push-notifications when partner outlet is nearby;
- UniCredit Bank news (tacking fresh news available since the last session);
- UniCredit Bank currency rates (for ATMs, exchange offices and non-cash transactions of individuals);
- info on UniCredit Bank special offers and products (with possibility to request for advice);
- session key generating by mobile token ”MobiPass”.

Personal features:

- information on customer’s accounts, cards, deposits and loans;
- opening, replenish, partial withdrawal, early withdrawal and change parameters of deposits;
- opening savings account "Click" in rubles, dollars and euro without fees for opening and maintenance;
- ability to block, reissue card;
- ability to customize the types of transactions (cash withdrawals at ATMs, buying online and etc.) available on credit and debit cards;
- applying for a credit card or service package;
- transfer between customer’s accounts, including conversion;
- transfer money by account number or card number between UniCredit Bank customers, transfers are made without commission;
- transfer money by card number : to card of another bank from UniCredit Bank card / from card of another bank to UniCredit Bank card/ from card of another bank to card of another bank, transfers are made with commission;
- ability to create ruble transfers to another bank;
- service payments to thousands of companies with no commission: utilities, internet, mobile and others (list of service providers available for payment has greatly increased);
- possibility to choose region in section “Pay”;
- ability to learn about the accrued traffic fines, taxes and pay for them with no commission;
- ability to send and get a letter from the Bank;
- templates to conduct transactions;
- password change to enter the personal section, session keys’ card replacement;
- recover password on the login screen;
- nick names for customer’s banking products;
- confirmation of operations with session key generated by mobile token ”MobiPass”;
- confirmation of operations with session key sent via SMS (key is substituted automatically);
- viewing and sharing of card/account requisites via SMS or email.

Personal features require subscription to Enter.UniCredit online banking. Enter.UniCredit as well as Mobile.UniCredit are free-of-charge services.

After some time of client inactivity in personal part, session is closed automatically.
Just click the standard Android “Back” button being on the main screen for exit from the application. When "Alerts on discounts" setting (menu "Settings" of application) is off, "Back" button fully closes the application. When "Alerts on discounts" setting is on, application is closed but continues to find the nearest discounts.
To sign up to Enter.UniCredit you just need to visit any UniCredit Bank branch.

If you are already subscribed to Enter.UniCredit, use the same login and password in Mobile.UniCredit.

Informations :

Mise À Jour : 2017-02-27
Développeur : АО ЮниКредит Банк
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Avis : 8.5
Installations : 10831 Installations
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