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Description :

This application is currently available in Bahasa Indonesia only. Please contact us at if you think we should release it in another language.

Let's take a look.

Let your Hajj be solemn and let eHajj handle the rest

Prepare your umrah and hajj better by optimizing its experience through eHajj.

Hajj is one of five pillars of Islam which is compulsory for those who are able. 'Capable' not only means in financial term but it means that umrah and hajj require healthy physic and good preparation. Inadequate preparation can diminish the solemnity of umrah or hajj worship activities.

eHajj is a mobile app that can help you prepare umrah and hajj better and guide you through every step of its activities so you can focus on the worships and not disturbed by technical inconvenience.

In this version of eHajj, we provide you with helpful features like:

✓ Explanation of fiqh of umrah and hajj
✓ List of relevant du'as
✓ Visualized guide of umrah activities
✓ Photos gallery
✓ Notes/Journal
✓ Thawaf dan sa’i counter
✓ Online travel map
✓ Important places directory
✓ List of holy sites
✓ Emergency call
✓ Travel items and preparations checklists
✓ Souvenirs checklist
✓ Arabic-Bahasa Indonesia conversation dicationary + Audio
✓ Currency exchange rate
✓ Hijriya calendar
✓ Arab-Indonesian clock
✓ Praying schedule and reminder
✓ Travel tips
✓ Umrah and hajj news
✓ User management
✓ Widget

For guides and instruction to use the app, visit or open this link:

We also provide eHajj+, the more comprehensive version of eHajj with additional features such as:
✓ Hajj planning
✓ Quran 30 Juz complete with translation and transliteration in Bahasa Indonesia

To download, open this link:

Please inform us of any typo, bug, or any error in this app through email to

FOLLOW: @mizanapps

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Développeur : Mizan Applications
Version Actuelle : 1.4
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