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Visual, auditory and kinaesthetic are the three learning styles. Most of us are visual learner. Visual learners are those who learn things best through seeing, so most of us are better at doing mental math if we can see the math questions. If you are good at doing mental math by listening to the math questions, then you are an auditory learner.

Visual learners tend to:
- Learn through seeing
- Think in pictures and need to create vivid mental images to retain information

Auditory learners tend to:
- Learn through listening
- Have highly developed auditory skills and are generally good at speaking and presenting
- Think in words rather than pictures

Try this app to find out if you are good at verbal mental math. This app hides the math question and reads it, and your objective is to listen and answer the question. Timer and score will be added in the next update.

If you are learning a foreign language, try testing your listening skills by practicing mental math in another language. This app can read math questions in other languages, and it currently supports English, Japanese and Mandarin Chinese. More languages will be added in the next update.

This app uses your device Text-to-Speech engine to read out math questions. Go to Settings > Language & input > Tex-to-speech output and check if a text-to-speech engine is selected. If you don't have a text-to-speech engine, you can download and install Google Text-to-Speech from Google Play Store.

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