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Once upon a time, there was a little boy named Tich Chu. His parents died young when he was a baby so he lived with his grandma.

His grandma had to work so hard everyday to earn enough money to raise Tich Chu.
If she had delicious food, she always gave it to Tich Chu. At night, she stayed up late to fan him when he slept.
Being touched by her love, someone said:

- Ma’am! The love you gave Tich Chu is higher than the sky, wider than the sea. When he grows up, he will never forget your grace.

However, when Tich Chu grew up, he did not love his grandma. She still had to work hard while Tich Chu played around all day.
Because of working too hard and starving herself to save food for Tich Chu, she fell ill. She had a high fever but there was no one looking after her.

Tích Chu was busy playing with his friends and did not care about his grandma who was staying at home suffering sickness.
One noon, the weather was so hot, her fever was worse and she felt thirsty, so she called:
- Tich Chu, bring me some water. I’m so thirsty!

She called him once, twice, then three times but she did not hear him answer.
Later then, Tich Chu started to feel hungry and went home to find food. He kept seeking for his grandma but could only see a bird perching on the ground instead.
He shouted in panic:
- Grandma! Grandma where did you go? Please stay with me. I’ll bring you water, grandma!
- Cuckoo…koo! Cuckoo…koo! It’s too late my dear! I was too thirsty to bear, so I had to turn into a bird to fly away and look for water.

I’m gonna leave now and I will never come back.

Then the bird flew away. Tich Chu was frightened and immediately ran after her in panic.
Finally Tich Chu saw the bird drinking water in a cool stream. He called her:
- Grandma! Please come back to me. I’ll bring you water, I’ll help you, I won’t make you sad anymore!

- Cuckoo…koo! Cuckoo…koo! It’s too late! I can’t come back to you!
Tich Chu burst into tears because of the bird’s words.
Only then he realized he loved his grandma so much and felt bitterly regretful.
Right at that moment, a fairy appeared, she told Tich Chu:

- If you want your grandma to come back to you, you will have to take water from theFairy Stream for her to drink.

The way to get there is very far, can you go there?
Hearing what the fairy said, Tich Chu was so cheerful, he asked for the direction to the Fairy Stream hastily, and then without hesitating, he started going.
Spending many days and nights on the way to the Fairy Stream, overcoming many dangers, Tich Chu was finally able to take the holy water back for his grandma.

After drinking the water, his grandma turned back to the shape of a human and they returned home living together again.

Tích Chu felt very remorseful. Since then, he loved and took care of his grandma with all of his heart.

• Suitable for kids between 3 and 10.
• Diverse contents with appealing interchange graphics.
• Audio supported for young kids unable to read or learning to read.

With a sincere will to bring about refreshing experiences about the fairy tales to you and your beloved kids, we hope that you will find this product intersesting.
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Hope you have a good time with the stories.

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