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Vigilant Call and Vigilant Text are the most secure, most trustworthy and hardened communications encryption systems to date, available anywhere in the world. Using a 256bit AES encryption on both ends and in all instances, our products will never allow any external monitoring of your important intellectual property. Vigilant Call and Vigilant Text require our micro-SD chip installed in your phone, via our proprietary sleeve, to enable this protection. This provides you with beyond military-strength levels of privacy for you and your entire member community on our global system you will never worry again about loss of your property to people just because you spoke or wrote to them, we end that fear. We end that fear using Hybid-Cryptographic, FIPS 140-2 Validated, 256bit AES, Rapid-cycling technology.In the world today you can build software-based and hardware-based solutions to encryption, however to guaranty your system is secured, you need a hardware based solution which is only provided by Vigilant. Vigilant Call and Vigilant Text only works after our chip is installed in your Micro-SD slot. In devices without a Mico-SD slot, such as the iPhone 4, 5s and up, we provide a proprietary sleeve that both protects your phone from being dropped, as well as your phone calls from being intercepted. Our tested, trusted system is deployed in over 50 countries, and globally distributed making it the leader in your protection for the future of your data. The sleeve contains your chip with your own, self identified information. You will never worry about your security with us as our technology cycles faster, and cannot be decrypted in real time, ever. By also providing your own information which no other company can provide you, you are assured security, fully enclosed through our global network.Our software is available in IOS and Android, for free because our software is only the front end of a secure environment. Contact our sales team today to begin the future of your secure calling and texting for you, and your entire trusted member community. Our clients privacy is paramount. We will never provide any customer data to anyone for any reason, and in that we stand vigilant.

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Mise À Jour : 2017-05-08
Développeur : Vigilant Group Inc.
Version Actuelle : 2.3.65 dcb8124
La Taille : 3.0M
Avis : 9
Installations : 13236 Installations
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