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Description :

BX Network automatically selects the best Internet connection basing on link speed measurements.

The application periodically measures speed of WiFi and Mobile connections using small amounts of data. Basing on these measurements, it statistically chooses the better of two links for the current location, and transparently configures your device. BX Network should use at most 30MB of data per month, but typically less than 15MB per month.

BX Network works only in locations with configured WiFi networks (e.g. home and office). When you switch off the screen, it will turn off all of the links, and re-enable them when you unlock the screen. It will also periodically enable Internet connectivity in background to run synchronization and speed measurements.

The application is in BETA stage. Please send support requests to support@bx-labs.com

BX Network is a research project of BX Labs, http://www.bx-labs.com/

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Mise À Jour : 2017-05-08
Développeur : BX Labs
Version Actuelle : 1.1
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