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Description :


Want to increase your english vocabulary ? Then this game is for you.
In this Vocabulary Game you need to guess the missing letter of a word, the faster you guess the more points you will be getting.

By playing this game, you will be able to increase your english vocabulary and your accuracy of english spellings.

There is Two difficulty levels are available: Easy and Difficult.

You can choose number of questions, type(s) of question sets and disable/enable background sound effects from Game Settings.

In either difficulty levels , you will be presented with a set of incomplete words
Each word has one or two (Difficult mode only) ? hiding characters.

Four options are shown at the bottom panel

You will have to choose the appropriate letter(s) within 10 seconds to score and move on to the next incomplete word.You will obtain 10 points and also the remaining seconds as bonus

You can check High Scores you have made in both quiz modes.

It's not about the points, the more faster you can solve the incomplete words the more you are getting better with your english vocabulary.

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