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Description :

Twinkle twinkle! Do you have a little twinkle toes dancer that adores ballerina’s? Then get ready for some sweet pink dancer prancer fun with the Ballet Toddler Game Free What’s Different! Let your little dancer have a delightful time looking at pictures of beautiful ballerina’s having fun with princesses and performing in this toddler friendly ballet game.

The ballet kid game what’s different is designed for ages 2 & up and especially first time app users because of the easy to use interactive game boards. This adorable timed ballet games for childern will have your little dancer take a look at the sweet pictures and find the toddler hidden objects and things that are different- it’s twinkle toes fun!

The ballet games for 3 year olds what’s different is a timed three round find the difference game that’s features SIX different sets of ballerina pictures. In this ballet hidden objects what’s different your little one will get to play with ballerina’s, princesses, fairies, and pets in their dancer prancer world.

How To Play
The object of the ballerina kids games free is to start on level one and circle what’s different in the first set of pictures. When they find the 4 differences your little one will then move onto the next level- and a new set of pictures. You can stay on each level for as long as you like, but if your little one needs a challenge the ballerina girls game will add bubbles for the next levels, making it more challenging to see and circle what’s different!

The ballet music box what’s different also has one more lovely feature- a fairy wand noise! A ballerina fairy will wave her wand to start the ballet girls game and fun applause will ring out when your little one finds what’s different. And then during the game beautiful ballet music will play to keep them happy dappy throughout!

Playing this ballerina princess game for toddlers will also promote:
-Fine motor skills.
-Recognition and memory concepts.
-Color recognition and vocabulary.

The ballerina fairy games is designed to keep challenging your little ones because they can play for as long as they want on each level until they are ready to challenge themselves with the bubbles. This toddler ballet games will grow with your little ones, and updates and new pictures will be added regularly. Coming soon- ballerina’s go trick or treating!

Design Team: Nancy, Deborah, Sophia-Rose, and Isabella.

Let your little ballerina’s have a delight-filled time taking a spin and doing a twirl of joy with the Ballet Toddler Game Free What’s Different and let your child have fun while they play with a Play n’ Learn App!

There is an AD FREE Version of this ballerina toddler what’s different game available on Google Play.

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