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EIGHT -Free Dice Game

Play a free strategic dice game 1000’s of years in development!

Eight combines the elements of luck, risk, & strategy while retaining a simplicity of play. Roll the Eight dice and receive points for straights, Sets, Pairs, and point dice. Decide when to keep what you have, and when to risk it all for one more throw of the dice.

• Single Player with 8 AI Characters to challenger.
• Multiplayer: 2-4 players. Play your friends locally on one device or online!
• Shake‘em technology allowing you to shake your device to roll the dice!
• 20+ Achievements & Leaderboards.
• Real Dice available exclusively on Amazon.com!

EIGHT Free Dice Board Game

Quick Rules

1. Roll All Eight Dice

2. Look for straights. Decide if you wish to use the straight. If so, straight dice are set aside. Scoring a straight requires that you roll again.

3. Next, pull out any Sets (X of a Kind) or Pairs. You must use all sets and pairs. Scoring any set or pair requires that you roll again.
• Point dice rolled in Pairs are scored normally (not negative), but still require another roll.
• Point dice rolled as Sets follow all Set rules and require another roll.

4. Pull out & set aside all point dice (5, 10, 20). You must use all point dice rolled.

• The WILD symbol can be used as any value in a straight. If not used in a straight, it must match the largest set or pair. Otherwise it may be 20 pts or a non scoring value.

5. If you scored any Straight, Set or Pair, you must roll the remaining dice again. If you scored and used all eight dice, you must roll all eight dice again.

6. Banking
If you rolled only point dice, did not roll any straight, pair or set, and did not use all eight dice, you may stop, bank accumulated points, & end your turn.

7. Fail
If you roll any amount of dice that result in no points being scored (No straight, Set, Pair, or Point Dice), you lose all accumulated points and your turn.

8. Play to 1000 points.


- Recognize the percentages. When you have to roll only one die, there is only a 37.5% chance of rolling a point value (3 out of 8). 62.5% of the time you will fail.
- When rolling only one dice, even if you do roll a point value, you will have now used all eight dice and will have to continue rolling(Crazy Eight rule).
- When rolling two dice, you will only fail 31% of the time. 47% of the time you will roll one point die and one non scoring die allowing you the option to bank your points and stop or let it ride and keep rolling. 22% of the time you will roll a pair or 2 point dice requiring you to roll again (Crazy Eight rule).
- When rolling 3 dice, the chances of being able to stop are 61%, and failing is less than 12%. The remaining 27% of the time you will have to roll again.
- Clearly the is a huge advantage in having more dice to roll. The more dice you are rolling the smaller the chance you will fail and the greater the chance you will be able to stop and bank points.
- Chopping straights is one of the best ways to create more dice to roll. If you have a 5 or 6 straight, consider chopping off an end if possible to create a smaller straight but allowing more dice to be rolled. You lose some potential points but increase the chance you will be able to bank them.
- Another way to create more dice or to create a stopping point is to manipulate the WILD die. When rolling 2 dice or more dice and one is the WILD, remember that a WILD must match a pair or set, but if neither is present the WILD can be taken as 20 pts or changed to any value. If you rolled 2 dice any rolled a point die and the WILD, you may want to change the WILD into a non-scoring value. This now allows you to stop and bank points as opposed to having to roll again because you used all eight dice.

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