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Medication in Islam via Quran (Quran se Ilaj / Quranic Medication) has been a trendy application on stores gathering many people interests and benefiting many Muslims. We have extracted some more content for such app and we brought you this. Nabvi ka Tarika Ilaj. Nabvi Tariqa Ilaj app contains medication methods that was suggested or adopted by our beloved Prophet SAW. This application Nabvi Tariqa-e-Ilaj contains key medication methods like : Dawa se Ilaj, Dum se Ilaj, Dua se Ilaj (with Prayers), Introduction to Nabvi Medication (Nabvi Ilaj), Preventions (Ehtiat / Perhaiz) and many more topics that will cover most of the medication ways which we hope to help our Muslim fellows.Some of the key Features of this app are :
- Beautiful GridView
- Offline content after first load from internet
- Notifications regarding new relevant applications
- Page Zoom for better and clear reading
- Share application with friendsRemember us in your prayers and please leave us feedback and ratings for further improvements and appreciations. Thank you Fellows.

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