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The North Carolina Structured Sentencing Mobile Application is an interactive version of the statutory sentencing grids that apply to most felonies and misdemeanors in North Carolina. The app guides users through a step-by-step process for each sentence, with help screens that provide relevant case law, statutory citations, and answers to frequently asked questions.The information in the app is current through April 2014 and historically accurate back to October 1, 1994—the effective date of the first version of Structured Sentencing. The app uses the version of the law applicable to the crime being sentenced, based on the offense date entered by the user.The legal information contained in the app is the work of UNC School of Government faculty member James Markham. Attorney Christopher Tyner provided research and writing assistance, and Cindy Lee provided editorial support. The app was programmed by Main Processor LLC, Greensboro, NC.Features:
• Special sentencing rules: The app will automatically prompt the user for special sentencing rules for which the defendant might be eligible, including enhancements like the habitual felon law and mitigation rules such as Advanced Supervised Release.• Reference lists: The app includes several useful lists, such as a searchable list of all North Carolina crimes sorted by offense class, and a list of all crimes that require registration as a sex offender.• Reports: The app prepares a report for every sentence, including details such as aggravating factors, conditions of probation, and sentence enhancements. The report is easily exported to the user’s email.• Offline viewing: Once the app is downloaded to a device, all content is available for offline viewing. The app can be used in areas where access to data networks or Wi-Fi may be limited or not allowed, such as in a courtroom or when visiting a client in jail.• Updates: The app will be updated periodically as the law changes. The app was last updated on April 1, 2014.
Users should be aware that the North Carolina Structured Sentencing app is a quick reference tool. It is not a comprehensive legal reference or a substitute for the advice of legal counsel.The North Carolina Structured Sentencing mobile app was created with generous funding from the C. Felix Harvey Award to Advance Institutional Priorities, a UNC–Chapel Hill award recognizing innovative faculty scholarship that directly and positively impacts constituencies outside the university. Thanks to that award, the app is available free of charge.Additional information. The School of Government offers a wide range of other criminal law resources, many of which are also free of charge. For more information about these resources, please visit the School’s home page and the North Carolina Criminal Law Blog.© 2014 School of Government. The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. This work is copyrighted and subject to “fair use” as permitted by federal copyright law. No portion of this mobile application may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means—including but limited to copying, distributing, selling, or using commercially—without the express written permission of the publisher. Commercial distribution by third parties is prohibited. Prohibited distribution includes, but is not limited to, posting, emailing, faxing, archiving in a public database, installing on intranets or servers, and redistributing via a computer network or in printed form. Unauthorized use or reproduction may result in legal action against the unauthorized user.

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