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Description :

White Tile 4: Piano Tiles 4
More Levers,More Colors,More Instruments,More Songs,More Choice,More Happpiness
“White Tile 4” now has 76 AWESOME MODES
It's a brand new game whice has so many new features,Check it out!
We will keep improving our game,more features are coming soon!
The only thing you need to do is DON'T TOUCH THE WHITE TILE.
〖Game Features〗
※76 Aweasome Game Modes
※Amazing Color system
※Easy to play for all ages
※Better User interface
※An unparalleled gaming experience
※Social Share Support
〖There are 76 modes in the game〗
※Classic mode : get 20/50/100/200 tiles as fast as possible.
※Acrade mode : Do not miss tiles and go as fast as you can.
※Timed mode : Get tiles as fast as you can in 10/30/60/100 seconds.
※Speed mode : How fast is your average speed.
※Crazy mode : The dangerous Bomb tiles are mixed in the black tiles,pay attention,do not tap them.
※Race mode: Get a certain number of tile in 10 secons.
※Multiplayer mode : play with your friends on same stage!
※Colorful mode : We use the colorful tiles instead of the original black tiles, which can avoid eye fatigue, and protect your eyes.
※Relay mode : Get 50 tiles in 10 seconds, then do it again. If time out, the game is over.
※Amazing mode : There are too many tiles, do not miss anyone.
※Double mode : Double tiles is coming, please use all your finger, do not miss one.
※Lighting mode : It’s getting dark, watch your step.
※Reverse mode : The tiles go into reverse, do not miss anyone.
※Triple mode : Triple tiles is coming, please use all your finger, do not miss one.
※Froze mode : You must break the ice first, then keep going.
※Side mode : Tiles come from Left or Right side, watch you step and do not miss anyone.
※Up &Down mode : Tiles Speed Up and Slow Down. Hold your breath.
※Running mode : Go!
※Heartbeat mode : Do not lose your heart! One tile one heart, if miss, you will lose 5 hearts.
※Jumping mode : Include SINGLE DOUBLE TRIPLE QUAD mode.
※Surprise mode : Include NORMAL & BOMB mode. The UNKNOWN tiles will give you a big surprise.
※Catch Me mode : can you catch me?
※Turning mode : Watch out, it’s turning around.
※Moving mode : try to catch the moving tile!
※Sweep mode : Sweep and Transformers.
※Force mode : May the force be with you.
※Swing mode : Swing copters? No! it’s swing dots.
※Shake mode : The earthquake is happening, watch out!
※Storm mode : the storm is coming!
※Candle mode : There’s only one candle!
※Magic Cube mode : The cube can jump.

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Del Desarrollador : augustteam8
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