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Description :

Create your world of lavish hamster living! Train Harry Hamster on his wheel so he can compete in the Hamster Race, go on Hamster Missions, and buy everything he needs at the Hamster Market to build his Paradise! Does Harry need friends to explore his growing palace? Collect enough coins and you can add Harry’s friends, Longo, Rambo, Tien, and Mao to your maze of hamster fun! Add cool Facilities like the Slide or Triumphal Arch, or Barns that add to hamster energy such as a Mineral-fountain or Vita-spring. Add special Buildings too, like the Mushroom Hut or Pet Pavilion. Get Tubes from the market to connect your assets and let your hamster friends run free! The fun adventures you can have in your Hamster Paradise are endless. Not collecting enough gold coins? You can also add value by purchasing a truckload of hundred dollar bills, a box of one million gold coins, or more!
This interactive game will keep you coming back for more hamster love!
Start building your Hamster Paradise right now for free, and don’t stay away too long – Harry’s wheel gets rusty if you don’t train him! Also, you can check out neighbor palaces by clicking on the ‘Neighbors’ button to see who else is playing Hampster Paradise near you. While Harry and his friends are sleeping, check out other Escape games with cute characters such as “Gogo Egg,” “Crazy Larva Run,” “Foxy Rabbit,” and “Ying Yang Archer”!

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Actualizado : 2017-05-08
Del Desarrollador : Escapemobile
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Tamaño : 30.7M
Opiniones : 6.6
Instalaciones : 39355
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