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The only app out there of its kind. Put a picture of your item up and let other people tell you how much they think it's worth. You might be shocked at the value of your item. Hey I have things I'm not even sure what they are. They could be worth something. Put it up maybe someone will leave you a comment or send you an email wanting to buy it. Check out yours and other people's average value calculator too on a profile page. Rich search features allow you to peruse items based on categories or with a tag included if you're looking for something specific. Feel like just looking at some antiques? This is the place to go. Why watch a TV show where they tell you the value of only a few items. Don't you want to know the value of everything? We do. That's why we made this app. Upload pictures in several categories including Antiques, Sports Memorabilia, Cars, and several others. Get your items appraised by your peers and check out what they have. Who knows what wonders you might find. Easy to use and simple. Much easier than dumpster diving for those collectibles! Always wonder what that antique is worth? Put a description on your antique and maybe someone out there can help you out. Find an antique your really interested on here? Email the user, see if you can buy the antique from them. Have another hard to value item like baseball cards? No problem, find out what its worth!No adult material, moderated.

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Actualizado : 2017-02-10
Del Desarrollador : ELearning Interactive
Versión Actual : 2.7
Tamaño : 1.8M
Opiniones : 4.5
Instalaciones : 20093
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