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Description :

To be in the ranks of the gang wrangler allstate honorable. Rate is the new game allstate! Sitting behind the wheel of a wheelbarrow allstate allowed not everyone wrangler. Be proud of yourself and wheelbarrow. You have to take her to the taiga Tale bandit disassembly allstate wrangler in the new game Offroad 4x4: Jeep Sim!
This road allstate exhausted taiga, but not your wheelbarrow. Forgotten corners of the country look ominous. There are no proper roads and asphalt. Only mud, rocks, mountains and grass. But your wheelbarrow wrangler will travel everywhere!
This tractor must be every lads. And lucky you, that now you control such a wheelbarrow.
To manage the large SUV wrangler, PUSH on the gas pedal and brakes, tilt the mobile device in hand taiga. Bypassing all the obstacles taiga, to avoid accidents.
The trip will be difficult, but damn interesting. Find out what it is, run game Offroad 4x4: Jeep Sim!Features:
- Powerful test drive 20 cars;
- The most extreme expedition;
- Extreme mountain trails;
- Realistic 3D graphics;
- 15 levels of difficulty;
- No advertising;
- It's free!

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Actualizado : 2017-05-08
Del Desarrollador : Fire Triangle Team
Versión Actual : 1.0
Tamaño : 1.9M
Opiniones : 8.7
Instalaciones : 23908
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