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Description :

SWAT shootingSWAT shooting is a military action game that takes being far-sighted to a new level. Are you accurate enough to scope your enemies from across the map? Take your best headshot.SWAT, Free sniper shooting game from addicting games. Prepare to take cover in order to protect yourself from enemy fire.
A fun shooting game! Shoot down all the enemies by using wide selection of weapons.Follow the mission brief and kill the targets in Urban Sniper! You have limited bullets so your accuracy is key, don't waste ammunition. Hints to you're mission are shown on the on the lower left side. Try to be as accurate as possible and make sure you know exactly who needs to be killed. Love the game, great to pass time. Very simple but addicting, not hard to calibrate like the others. I'll recommend this over the other sniper games.

Información :

Actualizado : 2017-05-08
Del Desarrollador : SweetSunshine
Versión Actual : 1.6
Tamaño : 9.9M
Opiniones : 6.3
Instalaciones : 33367
Enlace google play: Enlace

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