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Save time in the lab with ChemCal, a recipe book for chemical solution calculations in the lab.Please email with suggestions and bug reports!With ChemCal you can create a library of recipes for buffers, media or any other complex solution. ChemCal can then calculate the required volume or weight of each component in the recipe for any given final volume.Supports weight, value and percentage calculations with unlimited chemicals per recipe. You can also add notes to a recipe as a reminder before doing the mix!Please note, this is the first release and we have tested lots of different scenarios, however there may be bugs. It would be wise to double check your recipes before using any ingredients to be 100% sure it isn't broken (if you find a bug please report it!)ChemCal is a FREE DEMO and is limited to 3 recipes, you can unlock unlimited recipes buy purchasing a license in the application!This application was created for a friend of mine, he found it so useful I decided to upload it to the market!
Depending on how much interest there is I have a few more features in mind (such as sharing recipes with friends and sending completed calculations by email). If you like the application please give it a good rating or buy the full version to inspire me to spend more time on it!Key words: Chemistry, biochemistry, molecular biology, laboratory, recipe, calculation

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Actualizado : 2017-05-10
Del Desarrollador : Everybody all the time
Versión Actual : 1.2.1
Tamaño : 711.6K
Opiniones : 4.9
Instalaciones : 22726
Enlace google play: Enlace

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