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Manage your money and control your future! Easily apply your budget and track your spending. Follow these easy steps!(1) Create a Budget, where every dollar you make each month is assigned to do a specific job for YOU!
(2) Open the App and create a "Pocket" for any lines on your Budget that aren't fixed amounts. (This is usually things like Food, Gas, Electric, and Entertainment)
(3) At the beginning of each month or when you get your paycheck, add the amount from your budget for each Pocket into the App.
(4) Every time you spend money, enter it into the App as being spent from that Pocket.
(5) Easily see how much is left in each pocket! Stick to your budget and know exactly where you are at!
This App also works well for tracking sinking funds. (

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Actualizado : 2017-05-08
Del Desarrollador : Igrado
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