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Java Flash Card Quiz is quick, easy, and clear multiple choice flash cards covering all aspects of Java in a fun quiz format! It helps prepare anyone for a technical interview, a college test, or any situation that requires a general knowledge of Java.

Java Flash Card Quiz contains hundreds of custom Java and Java related questions to test your skills. Java Flash Card Quiz is a great way to scrap off the rust from your Java knowledge and show off to your friends and co-workers your Java mastery! Setup a quiz from several categories (see below) and hundreds of questions and try it out!

Java Flash Card Quiz contains several categories including:
Easy General Java Questions
Hard General Java Questions
Data Structures
Software Engineering
Java API Specifications
Java 1.8
Trick Questions

New questions are being added all the time!

Java Flash Card Quiz includes features like quiz history to track of all your old quizzes to track your progress! It also accumulates statistics as you go along so you can check items like, which category am I the worst at? Or what is my average time taken to do a quiz?

Example Questions:
A no argument constructor is also call the...
In Java bytecode is...
JNDI stands for...

Java Flash Card Quiz Java also includes a Java 8 category! Test your skills on the version that isn't planned for release until March!

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