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Solitaire pack contains four of the best solitaire game including the classic solitaire klondike ( patience ), Spider solitaire, Free Cell solitaire and forty thieves, solitaire game are considered to be top card games for over 500 years since invented in China, Solitaire became one of the most played game on windows computer offices, but diffidently much bigger fun and pleasure to play android on tablet devices and even on your phone, Our classic solitaire have advanced option for any solitaire lover such as deal one by one or three cards which make the klondike solitaire much more challenging than regular solitaire and even helps you to train your brain memory and strategy as you really need to plan ahead to match the right cards to each other, our solitaire pack contains the best solitaire game such as spider solitaire with all 3 level difficulty to match your game skillsSolitaire pack 4 in 1
- Classic ( Klondike ) Solitaire
- Spider Solitaire
- Free Cell Solitaire
- Forty Thieves Solitaire
- Small game cards
- Big game cards
- Auto Move
- Deal 1 or 3 on Klondike Solitaire
- Deal 1-4 Suits in Spider Solitaire

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