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Royal Defense Saga welcomes you to a colorful world of magic, mystery and monsters. You are tasked with defending the royal castles against the waves of demonic beasts and legendary creatures that are threatening the realm.Choose from a wide range of defensive weapons and strategically place them to best protect the stronghold. Cast magic spells to vanquish your enemies - summon flaming meteors, shake the earth or stop monsters dead in their tracks.Challenge yourself in over 120 missions and follow the action across six different kingdoms including Forgotten Fields, Wastelands and Mystery Valley. Enjoy fantastic, colorful graphics and challenging level design . Royal Defense Saga is easy to learn but difficult to master. Boss levels will really test your defenses to the limit.The kingdoms need your help! What are you waiting for?Features:120 challenging levels over 6 differently themed kingdoms - Forgotten Fields, Snowfall Mountains, Desert Bones, Wastelands, Molten Lands and Mystery ValleyOver 10 different enemy types, each with their own unique characteristics.Varied defensive weapons including Cannons, Rockets, Artillery and even a Teleporter.Harvest resources to fund your defense of the royal castles.Cast a variety of spells to hinder the attacking monsters - Meteor Rain, Deadly Swamp, Earthquake, Frost Nova and Heroism.A bright and colorful world with intriguing level design and simple, fun game play. Royal Defense Saga will keep you playing on and on.

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Updated : 2017-05-08
Developer : Mountain Lion
Current Version : 1.04
Size : 4.7M
Reviews : 8.2
Installs : 26951
Google Play Link: Link

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