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Description :

Beat The Odds and Tame the Dark Matter!

For almost a century scientists have been searching for an explanation for the so called “dark matter”
Now, they have found it and harnessed the stuff……

Your mission: Charge this dark matter with protons, and create all 118 elements on the periodic table
With every element you create, an electron is added. If the proton beam touches an electron, a shield is lost!

Can you turn this dark matter into Ununoctium, the 118th Element, before you run out of shields?

- Educational Game: A Fun way to get familiar with all elements on the periodic table and their abbreviations!
- Play against users all over the world and compare scores with Global Leader Boards!
- Challenging Levels, with Proton Beam Upgrades available throughout the game!
- Test your Reflexes: How will you fire the beam with electrons fast approaching?
- Two fantastic Tjendol Sunrise Songs included, promoting their 2013 US Tour!
- Exciting Sound Effects!

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Informations :

Mise À Jour : 2017-05-08
Développeur : Maruram
Version Actuelle : 1.1
La Taille : 6.8M
Avis : 8.9
Installations : 23701 Installations
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