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Brave City Sniper Slayer throws you in an a tense environment in the middle of a terrorist attack by a group of extremists who have taken a group of peace
activists hostage. The hostages have no hope of getting out of the situation alive unless you save them from the brutal murderers in this killer clash.
Being the best, top of the range sniper in the Joint Nations Special Forces, you have been assigned the mission of rescuing the hostages. Equipped with a
modern sniper rifle, your job is to eliminate all the resistance in a short time, as quickly as possible due to the sensitivity of the situation. You take up
your position on the city buildings, giving yourself the best field of view to carry out an insurgent solo strike and to eliminate the resistance with
deadly kill shots. This war against terror has been raging on for decades but this battle is crucial to show the terrorists that you won’t bow down to their extremism. you have been given the
mission to rescue the hostages. Use your modern sniper rifle to its full potential, don't aim for body shots, kill them with headshots!You have been trained at the army sniper academy and this is your time to shine. Use all your skills and make them count. Be quick because the hostages don't
have a lot of time. Try for deadly headshots, they are clean and will save you a lot of time. Aim for the head and enjoy the kill cam whizzing through the air
as the bullet flies from your sniper rifle and sends the terrorists to their graves with a kill shot. Get ready to take on a killer force, this is your time,
take it or leave it, make it count! Play this top action free game and fulfill your destiny.Brave City Sniper Slayer Game Features
- A variety of multiple missions
- Stunning kill cam on headshots
- Perfect game controls
- Stunning 3D graphics
- Easy to use interface
- User friendly gameplay
- Realistic game playHow to Play Brave City Sniper Slayer:
- Touch and move the screen to aim at the enemy
- Use the scope to aim the enemy from far distances
- Use fire button to shoot
- Aim for the head to get a kill shot
- Zoom in to kill the enemy and then zoom out.

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